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We will start our tour with a drive around the walls of the Old Town of Rhodes – the biggest inhabited medieval town in Europe. It was built in 1300s from the knights of the order of St. John. The Medieval Town of Rhodes is inscribed in the World Heritage Sites List of UNESCO. This list recognizes the exceptional value of a cultural site so that it may be protected for the benefit of all Humanity.

If you want we can extend the duration of the tour with 1 hour and you can have also some free time to go through the Old town and explore it on your own.

Rhodes Grand Master Palace
Rhodes Knights' Street

From there we will drive to the new part of the town and the Mandraki port where once stood the famous Colossus of Rhodes - one of the seven wonders of the Ancient world. It was a giant statue between 30 and 33 meters. It represented the god of the sun - Helios. We will stop for pictures of the area and you will be able also to enter and see the Church of the Annunciation which is the biggest Orthodox church in the town with very beautiful handmade paintings on the walls and impressive chandeliers.

Colossus of Rhodes
Church of Annunciation in Rhodes

Next we will continue towards the Monthe Smith Hill and we will stop for a panoramic view of the city. From here you can see where the Mediterranean and the Aegean seas meet each other.

Rhodes Ixia View
Rhodes panoramic view

We will stop also at the Acropolis of Rhodes. You will be able to walk and explore the area and see the Temple of Appolo, the Ancient stadium and Amphitheatre.

Acropolis of Rhodes
Rhodes Ancient Stadium

Our next stop will be at Filerimos Hill - it is 267 meters high hill and it is approximately 16km away from the city of Rhodes. Once it was used to be the citadel of the ancient town of Ialysos. You will be greeted by dozens of peacocks and you will be able to see the 2 monasteries which are situated there and the 18m high cross. You will be rewarded with a gorgeous panoramic view of the West Coast.

Rhodes Filerimos cross
Rhodes Filerimos Hill

From there we will drive to the beautiful Valley of Butterflies. It is the place where many butterflies from the species tiger moths gather in summer. You can enjoy a peaceful walk on the wooden bridges and admire the beauty of the valley.

Rhodes Valley of Butterflies
Rhodes Butterfly Valley

Then we will return back to the city of Rhodes and we can leave you at any point of interest

Tour duration:

5 hours

Tour Note:

Please note that the Butterfly valley is recommended only from 15th June till mid September

For your tour you will need

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Sun protection - Sunglasses, Hat and UV cream
  • Camera

Tour availability:

From mid June till end of Sept

Tour Extension:

You can extend your tour as much as you want. We are very flexible to any change in your program.

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